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JLAR5CQQLEFixed a problem where users were unable to download attachments that included the directory path in the name.
ARUI5X6NYYError "Sorry we are unable to process your request...." was displayed after trying to use Spell Check. User had "Plain Text" selected as the option...
MNAA6GW8UGThere are cases preventing opening up memos from working when HTTP dispatcher is in use. This problem has been fixed in 6.5.5.
KWSR6Z9PDFFixed a problem where the repeating dates were displayed on the repeat tab for the accepted meeting.
PPET6TSS3AFixed an HTTP crash when accessing the DWA NamePicker using an iNotes6.ntf based mail file. There were no error messages displayed during the crash....
MRSI6TUF6NThis fix prevents a crash which occurred when opening an encrypted calendar entry via Domino Web Access. This regression was introduced in...
BCOE6V5RF2Prior to this fix, a user was prompted to download a new activeX cab file after creating a new memo or meeting with a Domino Web Access enabled mail...
CSHR6NRH9BAdded support for Hebrew spellcheck in Domino Web Access.
CKHO6NYQ2EFixed a problem where the Sametime Chat function would not work with TAM Domino Web Access.
GDER6VNS87Reduced memory consumption on Appointment and Preference forms by fixing JavaScript/DOM object leaks.
KYOE6Q684WFixed a problem where garbled characters were printed on the calendar view PDF print on AIX or Solaris platform. This problem occurs when (1) "Use...
MLEY6SYMK9Fixed a problem where part of the body disappeared on a forwarded/replied mail.
ASUH6VY9JKProvided a way to replace timezone rules in DWA's internal timezone table through API_TimeZones(). See technote #1241063 for more...
JLJE6VCNKFAdded notices.txt. It is installed in the DOLS program directory when user installs offline subscription.
EMYS5XJQ8QText fields have been separated to post large text data for spellcheck.
KSAA6RKBXLThe Address which was written with <>, was lost when using reply with history/forward a memo with internet-style.
KYOE6W9CB2Fixed a problem where particular DBCS characters were not printed on the calendar view PDF print. This regression was introduced in...
BRIS5TXQJUFixed an http crash during image conversion under certain circumstances. This problem rarely occurs in 6.5x but code changes make it more likely in...
JEKY6NMHZBMany actions have been disabled when a Mail archive database is open within Domino Web Access.
HYSI6UY5LPFixed a problem where Domino Web Access could not launch the Adobe reader after refreshes the preview button.
LCDL6UWB7JPrior to this fix, a Domino Web Access warning ("Sorry, we were unable to process your request at this time....") was displayed after sending an...
MLEY6QWF4TFixed a problem where the *.doc file attachment can't be sent as forward/reply with history after the file has been edited and closed, and MS Word is...
MLEY6SRMCBFixed a problem where a part of the mail body was not displayed after a document with attachment(s) is edited. This problem occurred only when the...


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